Freshwater Charter

Prince of Wales Island is the fourth largest island in the United States. Located in the middle of a temperate rain forest in Southeast Alaska. Where at certain times of the year the native runs of salmon, trout, char, and steelhead school up in the river to do their annual spawn. At times the river or stream can have so many fish in them that it is not possible to see the streambed through the swarm of fish.

Not only do you have the opportunity to battle these fish with light tackle, but you are also able to take in the beauty of the rain forest vegetation and giant trees that are teaming with native wild life. Black bears, Sitka black-tailed deer, wolves, and eagles, just to name a few.

On a fresh water charter, you will be picked up and transported to the local streams or lakes where you will be provided waders, lures, along with tackle or flies. The duration of the trip will be at least an 8 hour adventure! Your catch will be cleaned or filleted. You will be responsible for your own rain gear, lunch, and beverage.

We highly recommend you check with The Alaska State Fish & Game before booking your trip. Checking season, licensing, and availability of tags. We are located in Area 2 in Southeast Alaska.


  • Guided Trip
    • 1 day - $300 per person (3 person minimum)
  • Guided Trip with Lodging
    • 4 night lodging 3 day - $950 per person (4 or more in group).
    • 5 night lodging 4 day - $1,250 per person (4 or more in group).
    • 6 night lodging 5 day - $1,550 per person (4 or more in group).
    • 7 night lodging 6 day - $1,850 per person (4 or more in group).
    • For personalized package, call for pricing.

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