Saltwater Charter

A day charter is at least 8 hours on the water. Fish the famous Inside Passage that was created by glaciers cut through the landscape and creating deep, nutrient, waters where fish could thrive and gather in large numbers.

On your charter you will be able to choose your targeted species, such as 5 species of halibut, lingcod, pacific cod, yellow-eye, just to name a few. After that is successfully complete you have a choice to target other species of fish, or take your time on the water to absorb the beauty of Southeast Alaska and its abundance of marine life and aquatic birds.

At the end of the day your catch will be filleted or cleaned for free, no extra charge.

The boat comes fully equipped with rods, reels, bait, and tackle. You are responsible for your own rain gear, boots, lunch, and beverages. You will also be responsible for fish processing such as vacuum sealing services.

Squid fishing charters are also available by request. Consists of at least eight hours on the water, and there is no limit.

We highly recommend you check with The Alaska State Fish & Game before booking your trip. Checking season, licensing, and availability of tags. We are located in Area 2 in Southeast Alaska.


  • Guided Trip
    • 1 day - $300 per person (3 person minimum)
  • Guided Trip with Lodging
    • 4 night lodging 3 day - $950 per person (4 or more in group).
    • 5 night lodging 4 day - $1,250 per person (4 or more in group).
    • 6 night lodging 5 day - $1,550 per person (4 or more in group).
    • 7 night lodging 6 day - $1,850 per person (4 or more in group).
    • For personalized package, call for pricing.

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