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Alaskan Halibut

Fishing Alaska

City of Coffman Cove

Fillet Wild Silver Salmon

Fly Fishing Salmon Run

Saltwater Tackle for Halibut & Salmon

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HellCat Rods Getting Put Through Hell!!

These HELLCAT Rods Get Put Through The Ringer

Dumb Ptarmigan Birds In the Arctic Circle

What Is It like Eating Moose Tongue

Using a boat anchor on our Wench line and parking the quad on the anchor got us out of tough spot

Can this girl pick up this HUGE fish??

BabySeal Pup Lost It's Mom

Squid Fishing In Alaska Savage Style

John Was 5 For 5 On Morning Dove

Why I use Honda Motors On All My Boats?

Coonstripe Shrimp vs Spotted Prawn

Beautiful Alaskan Scenery


Plane Taking Off In Beautiful ALASKA

Alaskan Savages In Training

Large fresh caught shrimp and a couple friendly crabs🤣

Moose Hunt Camp Site

Catching Pigeons In A Parking Lot & Turning Them Into Breakfast

The Perfect Boot for Alaska

Would you like to go fly fishing with John??

Suprising who wins

How To Tie A Fishing Knot

Melting Lead Into Liquid

How to Tell the Difference Between a Male and Female Crab

Butt Juice For Slow Fishing

Killing A Fish With His Bare Teeth SAVAGE

Fly Fishing & Smoking Trout On Shore In SE Alaska (Added Scene)

Fly Fishing & Smoking Trout On Shore In SE Alaska

Check out this big fish at the end

What To Wear When Traveling To Alaska

Proper Gear In Alaska

Whales bubble net feeding

What happens when you catch the big fish

Big King Salmon Catch

Fly Fishing Tackle In SE Alaska

4 Ways To Travel Into Coffman Cove Alaska

Dear rattlers in Alaska

Every day life living in Alaska

What Knives For Felleting Fish Should You Use?

Everything You Need To Know When Flying To Alaska

Wait till the end

Easy way to carry out a deer after field dressing it

Family Fishing Charter Fun

Catching Halibut With Friends & Family

They Caught A 224 lb Halibut

king Of The Hill Fun!!

John Showing How To Fillet A Squid

Flying To Alaska

Alasaska Is So Gorgeous

There is more then one way to hunt