Sightseeing and Whale Watching

For the person or family that would like to take in as much as they can on their visit to Prince of Whales Island. P.O.W. is 192 miles long and has 10 larger communities filled with Alaskan culture and friendly hospitality. Most communities are accessible by the road system.

Most people like to visit the three totem parks, the El Cap cave tour (put on by the Forest Service), and tour of the Klawock Fish Hatchery.

A lot of people just like to grab some light tackle fishing gear and drive to neighboring towns, taking in the beauty of the Tongass National Forest. Fishing the local streams and lakes along the way with wildlife around every corner.

We also offer wales and other marine mammal, and sea bird viewing charters. The Coffman Cove area has a large number of various types of sea life in or just out of the cove. It’s very common to see multiple humpback whales bubble net feeding, schools of dall and harbor porpoises, hundreds of harbor seals basking on the nearby rock, killer whale (or orcas) and small groups of Steller sea lions, California sea lions, and rafts of sea otters also frequently pass through and are seen on a regular basis. Glacier tours, bear viewing (both black and brown bears) can also be done on your visit, but would be done through Breakaway Adventures (on request only.)


Guided Trip

  • 1 day - $300 per person (3 person minimum)

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