The Coffman Cove area is known for good, close, accessible fishing and calmer water. So for the people who want to get it done on their own, we offer two choices on the rental boat or self guide boats.

Due to the Federal laws on halibut, there are self guided limits vs guided limits on how many you can catch. The rental boat has become quite popular these days due to increased catch limit with no restrictions!

We offer two, 20 foot (20’) Lunds [$250 per day] (open layout) that are equipped with down riggers, color GPS, gaff hook, fish finder, two crab pots, landing net, and halibut harpoon. Tackle can be added at an additional cost.

Also in our fleet is a 22 foot (22’) Hewescraft [$450 per day] (ocean pro) for the person who desires to stay out of the weather. It has a spacious cab, suspension seat, color depth sounder, GPS, down riggers, has a rear steering station, two crab pots, landing net, halibut harpoon, and gaff hook. Tackle can be added at an additional cost.

If you choose the self guided route you will be responsible for the safety of the crew and boat, along with the fuel cost, lost tackle, and gear.

All boats come with mandatory Coast Guard safety equipment and are to be operated in daylight hours only.


  • 20' Lund
    • $250 per day
  • 22' Hewescraft
    • $450 per day
  • For personalized package, contact us!

You will also be responsible for fuel, bait, and any lost tackle or damages.

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